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Introducing the Future of Performance Eyewear: Unveiling the RS1 MX Goggle

If you're a thrill-seeker, a competition junkie, or simply someone who appreciates the perfect fusion of style and functionality, then the RS1 MX Goggle is about to become your new favorite goggle.

Revolutionary Design

With the RS1 MX Goggle, we are proving our dedication to providing athletes with the tools they need to dominate their chosen environment.

At the heart of the RS1's design are its articulating outriggers, a breakthrough feature that ensures a flawless fit across all helmet types. Let's face it, finding eyewear that comfortably fits under your helmet can be a challenge. We took this issue head-on, allowing you to focus solely on your performance without any distracting discomfort.

Uncompromising Performance

The RS1 MX Goggle doesn't just stop at fitting well – it's engineered to perform under the most demanding conditions. The 49mm wide strap keeps the goggle securely in place, eliminating any worries of it shifting mid-ride. And with an anti-fog and anti-scratch lens boasting 100% UV protection, your vision remains crystal clear no matter how intense the ride gets.

No need to worry about sweat or moisture hampering your experience. The RS1 comes equipped with a three-layer foam that not only provides supreme comfort but also incorporates a Stay-Dry Air Channel System. This ingenious feature directs air into the foam's absorbent layers, keeping you dry and ready to conquer the track.

Elevated Comfort

A goggle that fits well and performs exceptionally is impressive. The articulating outriggers, in addition to ensuring a secure fit, also provide positive face pressure, resulting in a snug seal that enhances both comfort and performance.

We understand that when you're pushing the limits, discomfort is the last thing you need on your mind. With the RS1, you can focus entirely on your ride, knowing that your gear won't let you down.

Tailored for Champions

The RS1 MX Goggle is built with competition in mind. Its cutting-edge features, attention to detail, and relentless commitment to quality combine to create a goggle that's ready to take on the motocross world. Whether you're battling rugged terrain or going head-to-head on the track, the RS1 is your ultimate companion.

Each RS1 Goggle package includes standard tear-offs, a clear lens, and a microfiber bag – all essential accessories for keeping your vision clear. We have left no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspect of your experience with the RS1 is exceptional.

Unleash Your Potential with the RS1 MX Goggle

In the realm of extreme sports and motocross, where split-second decisions and unparalleled precision can make all the difference, the RS1 MX Goggle stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. The combination of style, comfort, and modern functionality elevates this goggle into the top tier of motocross goggles.

Unleash Your Potential: Elevating Athletic Performance Through Innovation

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